Team Fortress 2 Gears Up For Halloween Ghost Fights

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 25, 2012 in Videogames |

TF2 Doom-mates

God bless Valve for having the sort of corporate structure that lets them do pretty much whatever they want. Take Team Fortress 2, for example. Making up a crazy hat-based economy seems strange (and kind of destroys the benefit of having distinctive, recognizable character designs, even in silhouette), but it allowed the game to go free-to-play with pretty much no negative consequences. The latest idea isn’t exactly new — a Halloween scenario, still to be announced, has been done in previous years — but another event means another delightful comic book that feels less like an advertisement and more like a free gift of hilarity.

This time around, Merasmus the Magician returns to his castle to see that Soldier has trashed the place. It’s overrun by raccoons and there’s sour cream scattered about. What’s a sorcerer to do but set up the premise for fighting a magic ghost? Because that’s probably what’s going to happen in the next event. Give it a read, and if you can’t find the hidden link, consider this another gift.

Source: Kotaku


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