Darth Vader Rumored To Return In Star Wars VII

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I’ve been mostly optimistic about Disney taking control of Star Wars. It’s not like they could screw it up worse than the prequels, right? Those movies focused on expanding Darth Vader’s life in a way that didn’t need to be explained. The concept of a fallen, yet still honorable knight that finally finds redemption is a powerful one that doesn’t require pointless insight into how he fell. So with Darth Vader dead and Force-ghost-ed, we should be in the clear for Disney and Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt to tell new stories, right? Or not.

According to a film mole, Vader is an “integral part” of Star Wars and to replace him — even though he doesn’t need to be replaced — would be “virtually impossible.” Apparently Vader will return and play a “significant role” in the new trilogy, alongside Luke, Leia, and Han, despite the fact that Vader is very dead and the rest of the actors are freaking ancient. Admittedly, these are all rumors and the script is still in very early stages, though Arndt has also written a 40-page treatment for the trilogy, so it’s possible the major plot points are hammered out.

I don’t really follow the Star Wars Expanded Universe, as I vastly prefer the actual films, but I know that others have previously done things like bringing back Boba Fett from the Sarlac’s mouth, or cloning the Emperor. In a science-fantasy universe, it’s plausible that Vader could come back. But that doesn’t mean he should. It almost feels like you can’t tell a Star Wars story without working in the iconic movie characters, regardless of how necessary they are to the premise, for fear of not garnering enough attention to sell the product to the masses. I’m having flashes of Yoda being prominently advertised for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, a game in which he barely cameos.

Disney, there’s a chance for you to do something interesting with this new trilogy. Don’t just rehash our memories of the franchise in order to make a quick buck — make something new and creative, beyond a mere imitation.

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