George Lucas Donating the 4 Billion Disney Dollars to Education

Posted by Ben Huber on Nov 2, 2012 in Cinema, Star Wars |

Still reeling from Disney buying Lucasfilm earlier this week? Yeah, me too. There’s a lot of good news here, some uncertainty, but most of all I’m excited. I’m feeling a little like a fanboy again at the prospect of new Star Wars films – or should I say, the prospect of new Star Wars films that could be good. More good news? George Lucas has made all of us who ever complained about the prequels looks like whiny children. He announced that he’ll be giving the majority of the money from the 4.5 billion dollar Disney deal into a foundation to support education and education issues. Do you think he dropped the mic and strutted offstage after the announcement, too?

George Lucas had pledge to donate the majority of his wealth to fund and support education (for the younglings!) back in 2010, so it’s nice to see him following through on that promise. Whether he’ll put the money into one of his current projects (Edutopia), some other educational organization, or start a new one remains to be seen. In one fell swoop he’s cashed out for retirement, handed Star Wars off to some competent people, and solidified himself as an incredibly charitable guy, too. Hats off to you, Mr. Lucas.

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