New “In Motion” DLC Released For Portal 2 On PS3

Posted by Bob Muir on Nov 7, 2012 in Videogames |

Portal 2: In Motion

I mainly enjoyed Portal 2 for its story and the exceptionally clever sections, not quite as much for its puzzles. They were certainly well-made and the main focus of the game, but the world that Valve built around these puzzle mechanics is what sticks with me most. However, I certainly enjoyed the co-op campaign, which has a much lighter story set around its interesting two-player puzzles. PlayStation 3 owners now have even more puzzles available to them, provided that they also have a PlayStation Move controller.

Today marks the release of “In Motion,” a new bit of downloadable content that adds new motion controls to the game, along with new levels to use those controls on. The new levels involve new mechanics such as stretching cubes and portal surfing, which could make for some especially fiendish solutions. This update was previously released for the Razer Hydra on PC, so with this release only the Xbox 360 is missing out on these new concepts.

Then again, I can’t imagine trying to solve any of these puzzles with loose hands-free motion controls.

Source: Kotaku

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