Rumor: Warner Bros. Eyeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Batman?

Posted by Ben Huber on Nov 30, 2012 in Cinema, Comic Books |


Christopher Nolan is finished with Batman now, and Warner Bros. is surely hunting for the best way to continue or reboot the franchise. Nolan’s open ending was intended for the viewer to imagine their own continuation, but not doubt Warner Bros. will use that to their advantage: HitFix is reporting that they’re already lining Joseph Gordon-Levitt up to play Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie. What a shocker!

While this might not be the best idea artistically (you’re not giving him any time to establish his own character as “the Batman”) if Warner really wants to push forward the Justice League film, this will be the best way to merge Nolan’s version of Batman into their remaining DC characters’ universe. HitFix also theorizes that Warner is aiming to have Gordon-Levitt show up as Batman sooner rather than later, taking a page from Marvel, and having him show up in another DC film to help cement him in the public mind. But will it work?


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