2015 Justice League Movie May Feature Darkseid As Villain

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Talk about blowing your load right away. So The Avengers 2 will feature Thanos, an intergalatic villain that seems natural for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to build up to. DC wants some of that superhero team-up money, so enter Justice League, a film from Warner Bros. coming in 2015. Justice League‘s Big Bad will reportedly be Darkseid, an intergalactic villain that is a horrible choice for a newly-launching franchise.

I admit, I’m only a casual fan of comics, loving superheroes but usually getting my fix via cartoons or movies. I know that Darkseid can be a major but still reasonable threat, like in most animated incarnations, but more often he is literally a god. Picking Darkseid as the villain is obviously a way to compete with The Avengers 2, matching a galactic threat with another galatic threat, but when Warner Bros. wants to launch a new franchise, a villain of that strength sets the bar too high. The Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t start with a Norse god leading an alien invasion with ties to Thanos, it started with Jeff Bridges in an iron suit. You need to leave room for the franchise to grow.

What are you going to top Darkseid with? Literally a bunch of villains? Apocalypse? Maybe reboot your new franchise with the Anti-Monitor? There are certain options, but if you want to raise the stakes in a potential Justice League 2, you’re cutting out a world of possibilites because of a short-sighted need to directly compete with Marvel.

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