Humble Indie Bundle 7 – Now With More!

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 22, 2012 in Videogames |


Humble Indie Bundle is one of the coolest things coming out of the industry, in my opinion. It’s a cheap way to get great games, and it supports charity in the process. Pay what you want for 5 items, or pay above the average for 2 more games! What you get this year is Snapshot, The Binding of Isaac, Closure, Indie Game: The Movie, and Shank 2. Pay above the average, and you get Dungeon Defenders and Legend of Grimrock. And that’s not even including the bonus soundtracks. Like I said, it’s a great deal, and you’ll be supporting Child’s Play and the EFF! You can also adjust the donation percentages, so you can give more to charity or the developers! Check it out here.


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