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BioShock Infinite Cover

Like BioShock before it, BioShock Infinite looks to marry a unique, fantastical world with interesting story and fun game mechanics. With such a strong concept, fans were understandably disappointed to not see it reflected in the game’s cover art, which is reminiscent of any number of FPS games featuring a man (chin down, eyes up) holding a gun. Irrational Games’ Ken Levine has stated that this was to help capture the attention of those not in the know (by apparently making it look the same as other games?), since he felt that BioShock‘s more appropriate cover of a Big Daddy and Little Sister could be misinterpreted as being about a robot and a little girl. But fret not, you don’t have to deal with lame art once you buy the game!

Levine has confirmed that BioShock Infinite will include a reversible cover, and you can actually vote on what the design will be until Wednesday, December 19. And if that isn’t enough or you don’t like the reversible art, Irrational will be making even more downloadable covers available online to print out yourself. So just take the art to a professional print location and get an official-looking cover!

Reversible covers are one of the best things to come out of the rather lackluster packaging of videogames lately. All the “green-friendly” packaging attempts have resulted in flimsier cases with pieces of plastic missing or severely thinned, and so many covers have uninspired or samey design. However, Sony has been featuring alternate or simply additional art inside of their PS3 covers due to the clear case, which either adds color or simply replaces a normally bad cover. The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus cover flips, replacing the HD re-release nonsense with the games’ original pretty art, and the Resistance 3 cover reverses to offer a clean version of the stunning boxart, free of messy logos and advertising notes. I’m thankful for so many PS3 games and the occasional 360 game to offer consumers another, often more visually interesting option.

BioShock Infinite has six choices, but the most visually interesting as far as I’m concerned are the fourth and sixth options. I voted for the fourth, because I love that old-fashioned art style, but don’t let me sway you: go vote!

BioShock Infinite Alt Cover 1

BioShock Infinite Alt Cover 2

BioShock Infinite Alt Cover 3

BioShock Infinite Alt Cover 4

BioShock Infinite Alt Cover 5

BioShock Infinite Alt Cover 6

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