Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Might Be ‘Interstellar’

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 11, 2013 in Cinema |


Now that Christopher Nolan is done with the world of Batman, everyone is wondering what he will do next. We might have our answer now: Steven Spielberg was previously set to direct a sci-fi film called Interstellar, about wormholes and their potential for time travel, written by Jonathan Nolan. Spielberg has now dropped from that film, moving on to other movies. Who else better to pick it up than Jonathan’s brother, Christopher? It seems the duo will team up again to tackle the project, but Christopher will reportedly be changing things up from Spielberg’s version, though it will still be a “heroic interstellar voyage.” But really, all you had to say was “Nolan directing a sci-fi space film” and I’d be on board.

Seen via SlashFilm.


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