Jurassic Park 4 Gets a Release Date, Still Missing Director

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 13, 2013 in Cinema |


Jurassic Park 4? Yeah, that’s happening. Why? Because DINOSAURS. Universal Pictures has set a release date for the fourth film in the series for June 13th, 2014. As always, studios throw dates out and then get the talent for the movie, so currently it’s lacking a director. A script has been finished though, by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and Steven Spielberg is currently on as the producer. I’m sure we’ll hear rumors of Steven coming in to direct, but right now it’s all up in the air. Perhaps some fresh talent would reinvigorate the series? I’m curious to see how everything will pan out, but not very optimistic.

Seen via SlashFilm.


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