Break Apart And Reassemble Toys To Play Skylanders: Swap Force

Posted by Bob Muir on Feb 6, 2013 in Videogames |

Skylanders: Swap Force

Woah, stop, don’t just go breaking your toys after reading that headline. I’m talking specifically about new toys that are supposed to break in half. Activision just announced Skylanders: Swap Force, the newest entry in the surprisingly popular videogame/toy line. If you somehow haven’t heard of it, you buy real toys and place them on a special device to summon them for play in the game. This latest version features 16 new toys (sold separately) that you can break apart and reassemble however you want, for up to 256 possible combinations!

Of course, you can also use your previous Skylanders toys, and additional non-combinable toys will be introduced for this line. I’ve never played these games, but even in an era of insidious tactics meant to wring money from the consumer, part of me still loves the concept and wants to own all the toys. It’s like buying downloadable content, but you get a toy as well! And Activision loves it because it prints money — everyone wins!

Source: Destructoid

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