Source Filmmaker Meets The Venture Brothers

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Team Fortress and Venture Brothers

It’s not May 19 yet, so that means we’re all still waiting on the fifth season of The Venture Brothers, one of the few good shows still on Adult Swim. In the meantime, fans who have waited forever (or since 2010) for a new season will have to make due with fan-made content. That’s not a problem when there’s awesome stuff like this reanimation of one of season two’s best scenes using the Source Filmmaker.

Call me crazy, but this may be one of the best moments in the entire series. Seeing how serious the henchmen take their job, living out their fantasies in a world that finds their dreams laughable; it serves to drive home one of the recurring themes of the series. The henchmen hold up space age archetypes as their heroes, emulating their supervillainy and mixing it with pop culture fixations like Star Wars and comics. And yet the world has moved; supervillainy has become regulated, the unchecked passion drained from it, and the henchmen work for a pathetic leader. Still, they try, despite constant failures.

Anyway, watch the video and get ready for new episodes!

Source: Destructoid

Image Credit: Flickr

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