Start Your Zombie Head Wall With the Walking Dead Limited Edition

Posted by Ben Huber on Feb 9, 2013 in Hobbies and Collections, Television |


Hey! This is actually a pretty clever box set! The Walking Dead season 3 Blu-ray box set, made by McFarlane Toys, will recreate one of the most creepy and disturbing bits from the series: the Governor’s wall of preserved zombie heads. It’s been made to light up, and the best part is you can fill it up with your own water, so it’ll look like the actual fish tanks the Governor has. Granted, we don’t know when this will come out, as the second half of season 3 will only start airing tomorrow night, but sometime this year you’ll be able to own your own collection of decapitated zombie heads. Take solace in that fact.



Seen via MTV Geek!

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