Guacamelee! Dated, Priced, And Trailered

Posted by Bob Muir on Mar 27, 2013 in Videogames |


Guacamelee! is a Mexican-themed Metroidvania/brawler, which is a weird, yet delightful mix of ideas. The game has been in development for a while on PS3 and PlayStation Vita, but now it is finally coming out next month. Even better, buying the game once gets you a copy on both platforms thanks to Sony’s Cross-Buy system!

The Americas get the game on April 9 for $14.99. The price may seem high for a digital indie game, but I’ve gotten a chance to try Guacamelee! out, and it is not only fun but hilarious. At any time you wish, you can turn into a chicken which can then travel to a parallel dimension that is also Mexico. That is awesome!

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