Latest Iron Man 3 Trailer Shows Army Of Iron Men

Posted by Bob Muir on Mar 6, 2013 in Cinema, Comic Books |

Iron Man 3 new suits

The latest Iron Man 3 trailer is out, and as predicted by last week’s poster, Tony Stark and Rhodey will have plenty of help. This movie is going to be bursting with new suits, and it looks like they’ll be providing back-up for Tony instead of being worn. It’s not clear if anyone else is wearing them, but I could see the movie explaining them as controlled by A.I.

Interestingly, the designs seem to match up with a recent list of suits, leaked last week on 4chan. Obviously, anything posted on 4chan should be taken with a giant bag of salt, but from quickly scanning the suits in the trailer, they seem to match up, including the “brute” armor, which seemed the most unlikely in my mind. So if you want to see some more details on these new designs, follow that link, but be warned about potential spoilers for the film.

Source: io9

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