LEGO Eva Unit 01 Is Freaking Huge

Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 27, 2013 in Anime, Fandom |


I’ve been on an Neon Genesis Evangelion kick recently (since the third movie is now out on Blu-ray in Japan), so this new model from Moko is perfect in its timing. He has made a nearly 4-foot tall Eva Unit 01, articulated, too! Kind of insane. And if you don’t know much about LEGO bricks: purple is a bit of a rare color in the LEGO world, so seeing so much of it in one place is pretty impressive. Usually LEGO mechas aren’t this big or lanky, due to their own weight, so it standing on its own is also quite a feat. Check out some more images of the model below, as well as Moko standing next to it for scale!






Seen via The Brothers Brick.

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