Obsidian Shows Latest Work On Project Eternity

Posted by Bob Muir on Apr 11, 2013 in Videogames |

Project Eternity

We’re still waiting on some of the more high-profile Kickstarter-funded games to come out, but that’s understandable, since anything good does take a while to develop. But if the developer is doing it right, there will be a continuous trickle of updates. The latest update from Obsidian Entertainment shows off the 2D engine they’re using for their upcoming game Project Eternity. There’s no gameplay, but you do get to see a fully tricked out environment based on the concept art above.

What’s interesting is that Obsidian is returning to the days of fixed perspective 2D prerendered environments. Oh, it looks 3D, but you can’t change the camera perspective, just like the old games they used to make in the Infinity Engine, like Icewind Dale. What’s great is that it doesn’t look dated at all, it’s just a different technique. It’s great for developers to realize that there are lots of different ways to make a modern game and that just because a technique was used out of necessity of working within more limited technology does not mean that it’s irrelevant on more advanced technology.

Source: Obsidian Entertainment


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