Pizza Hut App Comes To Xbox 360

Posted by Bob Muir on Apr 24, 2013 in Videogames |

Pizza Hut on 360

Consider this a combination of a PSA and a weird interest story. Apparently due to popular demand (I know, I’m surprised too), Microsoft and Pizza Hut have made a Pizza Hut app for Xbox 360. Yes, that’s right, instead of going on any number of other devices, you can use your Xbox 360 to order pizza. Of course there is prominent Kinect support, and you can have it automatically tell your Facebook friends what you’re eating for dinner. This is a real thing that’s happening.

Sadly, there are no achievements, but at least there isn’t anything ripped out and sold extra as downloadable content. Then again, breadsticks are practically the DLC of pizza orders — more of the same as extras, slightly coerced, and basically unnecessary. (Why dip cheesy bread in tomato sauce when that’s basically a cheese pizza right there?)

Source: Kotaku

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