Brad Bird Talks About Maybe Doing Incredibles 2, Star Wars Episode VII

Posted by Ben Huber on May 17, 2013 in Animation, Cinema |

Brad Bird

Brad Bird recently did an interview and talked about a ton of projects he either passed up or still wants to do. Being asked about the always-wanted Incredibles sequel, Bird said that he “would probably wanna do that” and that he has ideas floating around in his head for the next film if the opportunity ever arises. That gives me some hope! He also spoke about Star Wars Episode VII, and mentioned that Kathleen Kennedy offered him the director’s chair for the movie, but he had to pass it up to finish Tomorrowland. Too bad, I think it would’ve been a good fit, but with a new Star Wars film every year starting in 2015, he has a much higher chance of doing one sooner or later!

Seen via The Hollywood Reporter.

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