Meet The Characters Of Grand Theft Auto V In Their Own Trailers

Posted by Bob Muir on May 1, 2013 in Videogames |

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar is taking Grand Theft Auto V in an interesting direction when it comes to characters. The PS2 trilogy each had their own main character and city, while Grand Theft Auto IV had one main character each for the main game and its two additional episodes (expansions) that all lived and played in the same city. GTAV will have three main characters in one city in the same game, not spread across separate stories. It’ll be an interesting way to explore the world and story, though actual details of how this is implemented are still missing.

I have to wonder why Rockstar didn’t consider making one of the characters a woman, but at least it looks like every character will bring something to the table. Michael looks to be an average rich guy who falls into the crime business, Trevor is a psychotic drug dealer with an edge that reminds me of Vice City‘s Tommy Vercetti, and Franklin is reminiscent of San Andreas‘s CJ, a gang member trying to get out of that life.

GTAV is set once again in San Andreas (a.k.a. California/Nevada), with trailers focusing on Los Santos (a.k.a. Los Angeles), so there are sure to be more similarities with San Andreas. The most obvious? Franklin is wearing green, the color of the Grove Street Families gang that CJ belongs to; at one point in his trailer, you can see green-bearing gang members shooting at enemies wearing purple, the color of the rival gang the Ballas. There’s sure to be more to dissect, so give the trailer a look!

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