New Anime from Gurren Lagann Staff: Kill la Kill

Posted by Ben Huber on May 10, 2013 in Anime |


Remember how I was getting excited for Hiroyuki Imaishi’s new studio and their work? Well their first full-length series has been announced: Kill la Kill. This show will reunite a portion of staff who worked on Gurren Lagann, ┬áincluding Kazuki Nakashima (scriptwriter for the popular giant robot show), along with Imaishi. Sushio will be doing the character designs. The story will revolve around a post-apocalyptic all-girls school in which each girl has a uniform that match their skills and powers. The main character, Ryuuko, will battle against the equally powerful Satsuki, the Student Council President, who desires control of the school. Seems like a suitably ridiculous premise for a series. Check out some more concept and promotional art below.



Seen via NeoGAF.


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