Press A To Cook Meth In LEGO Breaking Bad Parody

Posted by Bob Muir on May 2, 2013 in Television, Videogames |

LEGO Breaking Bad

If you’ve never checked out the series of LEGO videogames being made by Traveller’s Tales, you’re missing out on tongue-in-check, fun homages to the properties they adapt, even if the games are largely bereft of challenge. They’re all largely the same, involving getting to the end of a level with the most LEGO studs (and no real penalty for dying or losing those studs besides a lower ranking and unlocking things slower). Brian Anderson is apparently a big fan of both the LEGO games and Breaking Bad, as he has created a concept video for what a LEGO Breaking Bad game would be like.

Naturally, there are spoilers up through season 4 in this video, but check out all the characters you could play as! And while of course the video follows Walter White, it’s awesome to see him interact with LEGO Jesse Pinkman in a memorable scene (complete with a fitting achievement name popping up). My only complaint is the inclusion of dialogue, as LEGO games typically keep characters silent and communicating through pantomime, but those moments when they do are awesome.

Is it possible for Breaking Bad to be cute? I’d say this video argues “yes.”

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