Cool Stuff: First Film Test for Boba Fett’s Cotsume

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 30, 2013 in Star Wars |


We know a lot about the development of The Empire Strikes Back, especially given the wealth of documentaries out there that cover all of the Star Wars films, and the original costume for Boba Fett was always something neat to see. Anything new that adds to the collection of media out there about the making of these movies is a wonderful thing, so I’m very glad that this full video was released on YouTube. It’s a screentest for Boba Fett’s costume, showing off the details and design of the suit so that it could be approved later. In the video they explain all of Fett’s features and even mention that they want to change the color scheme to “blue and green” which is a nice little note. Check out this piece of Star Wars history below!

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