Gaze Into A Smash Bros. Game Filled With Unusual Characters

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Fake Smash - Groose

Announcing new characters in a Super Smash Bros. game is a strange mix of excitement, nostalgia, and a touch of self-mockery. 2008’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl had a very successful website called the Super Smash Bros. Dojo that gave out daily updates on the game, and some of those updates echoed through gaming communities — “Diddy Kong confirmed for Brawl” or “Sonic confirmed for Brawl.” When Nintendo announced some new characters for the upcoming Wii U/3DS entry, they started a new style of character announcements that many fans have already adopted for their favorite or joke characters.

For reference, here’s a screenshot from the video announcing the Wii Fit Trainer, one of the new Smash Bros.‘s three new characters (alongside the Villager from Animal Crossing and Mega Man).

Wii Fit Trainer

Then fans went and made their own character announcements in the same style, as collected by Kotaku. None of these are confirmed and many have little chance of actually making it into the game, but they’re fun to look at. Even though this is the new announcement format, I’ll still subconsciously be saying that “[new character] is confirmed for Brawl!”

Fake Smash - Ridley

Fake Smash - Kamina

Fake Smash - Doom

Fake Smash - Serious Sam

Fake Smash - Notch

Fake Smash - Pudge

Fake Smash - Hanako

Fake Smash - Bomberman

Fake Smash - Hank Hill

Fake Smash - COD: Ghosts Dog

Fake Smash - Kojima

Fake Smash - Big Boss

Fake Smash - Speedwagon

Fake Smash - Journey

Fake Smash - Miller

Fake Smash - Big Smoke

Fake Smash - Halo

Fake Smash - Travis

Fake Smash - Missile

Fake Smash - Reptile

Fake Smash - Carmack

Fake Smash - Wesker

Fake Smash - Lightning

Fake Smash - Diglett

Fake Smash - Maxwell

Fake Smash - Gandhi

Fake Smash - Banjo-Kazooie

Source: Kotaku

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