Ender’s Game Film Won’t Be Advertised By These Cool Posters

Posted by Bob Muir on Jul 2, 2013 in Cinema |

Ender's Game Poster 1

Not every poster design gets sent out to theaters. Take a look at these potential Ender’s Game posters focusing on the characters. As “draft” posters, they’re not the finished thing, but you could’ve fooled me. The main stars are present, everything looks futuristic, what’s the problem? We don’t know, since they were leaked, but I’d have been fine with them. Could it be they decided it was a bit weird to only show the male characters’ faces while showing almost all of the female characters’ bodies as well? Actually, let’s chalk it up to that. So whether the ad department was concerned with minor sexism or visual inconsistency, these aren’t your final Ender’s Game posters — but they still look pretty cool.

Ender's Game Poster 2

Ender's Game Poster 3

Ender's Game Poster 4

Ender's Game Poster 5

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