Pacific Rim 2 Not Confirmed, But Writing Has Begun

Posted by Bob Muir on Jul 23, 2013 in Cinema |

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is one of the best summer movies this year, and it’s sadly underperforming from poor marketing. (When Grown Ups 2 beats your film, you’ve got a problem.) It hasn’t earned back enough money yet, which is generally a poor sign for those who want a sequel, but it hasn’t opened in markets like Japan yet, so there’s still hope for more international revenue to roll in. Despite this, apparently director/co-writer Guillermo del Toro and co-writer Travis Beacham have been given the go-ahead to start writing Pacific Rim 2! Del Toro is even dropping hints about where the sequel may go. It goes without saying, but spoilers follow!

First of all, there will be Gipsy 2.0, which seemed like a given. But more interesting is his promise that there will be a merger of Kaiju and Jaeger. How? Well, Gipsy Danger went through the rift and blew up, but parts of it may have survived. I’d imagine those controlling the Kaiju could utilize those pieces to make biomechanical versions of the Kaiju.¬†Furthermore, humanity has managed to drift with a Kaiju. As Del Toro puts it, “start riffing on that and you’ll get to something.”

The whole interview is below. If you haven’t already, cross your fingers that international audiences continue to flock to Pacific Rim more than Americans have!

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