Sharknado Airs Tonight, Watch This Trailer To Prepare

Posted by Bob Muir on Jul 11, 2013 in Cinema |


Many people have heard of it, even at international film festivals, but in case you’ve somehow missed it, here’s something crazy. Sharknado is the latest b-movie from The Asylum, and it’s airing tonight (Thursday, July 11, 2013) on SyFy at 9PM EST. It’s a movie about a tornado — of sharks. There’s not much more can be said about without spoiling bits! There’s a lot of hype surrounding this for a TV movie. I’ve personally seen some early segments, and Sharknado embraces the schlock wholeheartedly. But if you’re not yet convinced, try watching this trailer to prepare you for the premiere!

Source: YouTube

Disclaimer: I have worked at The Asylum and performed some minor work on Sharknado. Even if I hadn’t been involved, I likely still would have thought this film was pretty awesome, because it’s about a tornado of sharks.


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