It’s No Joke: Nintendo’s New 3DS Is The 2DS

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I’ll say one thing for Nintendo: you can’t ever safely predict what they’re going to do. Apparently they wanted to offer a cheaper version of the 3DS, targeting kids age 6 and under who shouldn’t be using the system’s 3D visuals but who may want to play the next Pokemon game. So they’ve created the 2DS, a system that plays 3DS (and DS) games with no option to turn on 3D. It’s coming out on October 12, the same day as Pokemon X & Y, for $129.99 in either red or blue.

Though I generally play my 3DS with the 3D on — it’s nothing essential, but it’s a nice touch — I understand that some players never use the feature and would love to buy a 3DS without the 3D top screen. However, I’m more annoyed by the inability to fold the system in half to protect the screens and buttons. Maybe little kids are going to scuff up the system regardless, but they’ve basically excluded adults from buying the system, no matter how comfortable I hear it is. Good luck utilizing the wireless StreetPass functionality when you can’t even fit the thing in your pocket.

It also seems like the 2DS could muddy Nintendo’s brand. Even if the name “3DS” is kind of a cute joke, it has sometimes been too close to “DS” for the average consumer to know the difference. (See also: Wii vs. Wii U.) Now that there’s a system called the “2DS,” I’m sure there will be many parents assuming it doesn’t play “DS” or “3DS” games and wondering why they can’t find any “2DS” games for it. Needless to say, even if I’m not the target audience, I’m not itching to pick one up like I did with the similarly niche Game Boy Micro back in 2005.

Zelda Wii U

In related Nintendo news, they’ve announced that the Wii U price will drop on September 20. The system was originally sold in basic and premium editions for $300 and $350 respectively. Now, only the premium edition (a.k.a. the one everyone wanted) will be available at only $300, taking $50 off. In addition, a limited edition Zelda Wii U will go on sale that day. While the system is the same, the black controller has Zelda ornamentation. It also includes a digital copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and a digital download of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, the fantastic art book/series retrospective. I’m in a bit of a bind: I really wanted The Wind Waker HD on disc, and I already own Hyrule Historia. But the limited Zelda Wii U controller is a big plus for buying the system when so few games are out, and it will match my limited Zelda 3DS!

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