Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolutions Revealed

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 11, 2013 in Videogames |


Pokemon X & Y aren’t too far away now — October 12th is growing closer. Nintendo and Game Freak have been very careful to trickle out info at a specific pace, and it’s that time again! This time they’ve revealed several new evolutions for older Pokemon. Lucario, Blaziken, Absol, Mawile, Ampharos, and the previously revealed “Mewthree” are all getting new Mega Evolutions that unlock new moves. Yes, that new Mewtwo evolution is actually a Mega Evolution. The twist on these, though, is that they can only happen in battle while the Pokemon is holding a certain object. After battle, they return to normal. A few other new non-Mega Pokemon were revealed as well. Images of all these below, as well as a trailer!






Seen via NeoGAF and Serebii.

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