Every Doctor Who Episode, Condensed Into One Hour

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Every Episode of Doctor Who Ever Live on Stage

In 2011, I began a journey to watch through every episode of Doctor Who, starting with the very first episode in 1963 and even including fan-reconstructions of missing episodes. I still haven’t quite finished it — I just got to the Sixth Doctor! — but I could have saved myself a lot of time by visiting an upcoming show in Sydney, Australia. Comedian Patrick “Doublethreat” Magee has created a show he calls “Every Episode of Doctor Who Ever Live on Stage,” which is pretty self-explanatory. That means he’s condensing 798 episodes into a one-hour show!

Magee is performing with three other people, but he still has to contend with the fact that each episode only gets 4.5 seconds of time, if distributed evenly. So to make it work, he’s writing things very tightly and trying to be as clever as possible. For instance: “We’re doing the Pertwee era as the Brigadier trying to justify his increasingly ridiculous expenses to the [Ministry of Defense].” I could see it working, but it’s going to be absolutely insane to watch. Maybe it’s alright that I’m watching the full serials? Some of them are overly padded to lengthen the time, but it might be more comprehensible!

If you’re in Sydney, you can buy tickets here, as the show begins Wednesday.

Source: io9


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