Kickstarter Alert: Hyper Light Drifter Looks Beautiful

Posted by Ben Huber on Sep 14, 2013 in Videogames |


Every once in a while, something catches your eyes just via the art. Hyper Light Drifter is a game just like that. A new Kickstarter from Alex Preston, Beau Blyth (Samurai Gunn), Will Wiesenfeld, and Disasterpeace, which combines a Link to the Past and Diablo into one neon-lit fantasy 2D action RPG. They mention Miyazaki as a significant influence, which is always a plus in my book. PC is the primary platform and will be aimed to release in June 2014. At time of this writing, they’ve already double their $27,000 goal, and look to be continuing upward. Check out the trailer below or go here to back the project if it tickles your fancy!


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