More New Pokemon Revealed For Pokemon X & Y

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Mega Mewtwo X

The latest CoroCoro magazine is out in Japan, and since it’s the last one before the worldwide launch of Pokemon X & Y, it’s got some more information. Perhaps the biggest news in this issue concerns Mewtwo, everyone’s favorite psychic pokemon from the first generation. We knew he was getting a Mega Evolution — a temporary evolution triggered in battle by holding a Mega Stone — but now it seems that he’ll have one of two. Depending on whether you’re playing X or Y, players will find Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y. The previous Mega Evolution was apparently Mega Mewtwo Y, so this new one is Mega Mewtwo X. Maybe there will be other version-exclusive Mega Evolutions? The closest thing Pokemon has had to this in the past was the event legendary pokemon Deoxys, which had a different form exclusive to each Game Boy Advance game, though the forms were more changeable in later generations.

Mega Garchomp

Several other pokemon were also revealed, though I’ll be skipping the names since they’re all in Japanese and likely will change for the English version. Tournament-favorite Garchomp has a new Mega Evolution, as if it needed more help wiping the floor with the competition. The middle evolutions for the new starters (Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie) look interesting. And in the bottom picture, you can make out several new ones, so I’ll go from left to right. The white dog is a normal type that allows you to customize its appearance. The two at the bottom are psychic cats that differ based on their gender: the female (left) is an attacker and the male (right) plays support. And to the right are the two pokemon you’ll revive from fossils: a rock-dragon type that looks like a T-rex and a rock-ice type that also looks a bit like a dinosaur.

Middle X & Y Starter Evolutions

More New Pokemon

It was also announced how the new Fairy type will work. It was introduced to help balance out the types, so Fairy attacks will be super effective against Fighting, Dark, and Dragon types, yet not very effective against Fire, Poison, or Steel types. If a pokemon is a Fairy type, it will be weak to Poison and Steel attacks while resisting Fighting, Dark, and Bug types. As a bonus, they will be immune to Dragon attacks.

As gimmicky as the Mega Evolutions might be, I’m kind of excited to power up my pokemon in battles. Balancing out the types further is a good idea. But most exciting is that this is the first time in a while that we don’t know all the pokemon before a game releases. Every past game has come out in Japan first, so we generally knew what was coming before the international releases. However, this is the first time that Pokemon has a worldwide release, so most of the new pokemon are still a mystery. It will help recapture some of that feel of exploring the unknown from the first time we played Pokemon Red & Blue years ago, the same way that Pokemon Black & White decreed that only new pokemon would appear until the main story was beat.


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