Harrison Ford May Be Down For Blade Runner 2

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 10, 2013 in Cinema |

Blade Runner

Against better judgment, Ridley Scott wants to make a sequel to Blade Runner. The man has made some fantastic films, but his work of late hasn’t been quite as good (see: Prometheus). What’s even worse? Harrison Ford has considered returning to the role of Rick Deckard. During promotion for Ender’s Game, IGN asked Harrison Ford about the potential sequel. Ford revealed that not only was he interested in playing the human/replicant/whatever-you-think, but he has talked with Ridley Scott about it.

Now I like Ford’s acting, but if there’s one thing Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull taught me (and it taught me lots), it’s that having an actor return to an iconic role decades down the line is just asking for disappointment when their age shows. I think I’m okay with him having a bit part in Star Wars Episode VII, but does he really need to play Deckard again? For that matter, do we really need a Blade Runner sequel? Or is this just to head off the inevitable remake since Hollywood needs to keep repackaging existing ideas?

Source: IGN

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