No More Weeping Angels In Doctor Who, At Least From Moffat

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 1, 2013 in Dr. Who, Television |

Weeping Angel

The Weeping Angels were once scary monsters, debuting in one of the new Doctor Who series’ stand-out episodes, “Blink.” Since then, what might have been a great one-shot monster has been used two more times, culminating in a ridiculous episode where the Statue of Liberty turns out to be a Weeping Angel. Perhaps wisely, Stephen Moffat has chosen to step away from the monsters, saying “I’m probably done to be honest on what you can do with the Weeping Angels. But other writers have to have a go…”

“There’s only so many times you can think, ‘Right, it’s a chase scene and statues,'” he continues. “How many times can the lights flicker? What happens if a moth sees them? Is the alien invasion cancelled at the point?” Wise observations, and something other writers should consider.

But while Moffat won’t be writing any Weeping Angel episodes, he admits that he heard a good pitch from another Doctor Who writer. He was excited about it, but the story didn’t come together because the writer was too busy, though it may still happen sometime. Either way, if someone absolutely has to use these monsters, they better at least come up with some radical new idea that is also plausible.

Source: io9


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