The Walking Dead Spinoff TV Series Will Probably Be a Prequel

Posted by Ben Huber on Nov 17, 2013 in Television |

The Walking Dead, saison 1

I say it’s probably a 99% chance that the previously announced Walking Dead spinoff TV show will be a prequel. Why? Because a) it will make for more interesting TV, and b) because TV Line says that’s what they’re hearing. As I said, I think a prequel makes the most sense and will allow for take the series into new ground. It also shouldn’t be set anywhere near the original show, and never cross over with it. Thankfully, it seems series creator Robert Kirkman agrees, as he recently said in and interview that, “It definitely won’t be set in Georgia,” and that “It’s important to us that this show exists on its own. The spin-off has to be a show worthy of existing, or else we’ve all sold out.” Great to hear that, buddy! But about the whole selling-out thing…

Seen via SlashFilm.


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