This Short Film Shows A Different Side Of ‘Gravity’

Posted by Bob Muir on Nov 21, 2013 in Cinema |


It’s made the festival circuit, but chances are you haven’t seen Aningaaq, a seven-minute companion short to Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. That film is one of the best science fiction (in the literal sense: fiction about science) films in a long time and a sure-bet for a Best Picture nomination at the next Oscars. Without spoiling too much for those who haven’t seen the film, Aningaaq is about a titular Inuit man in Greenland who is contacted by Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) at a critical point in her story. It’s a great scene in the movie, but what’s interesting is how this short so perfectly matches the themes of isolation and survival found in the movie, but in different circumstances. Even grounded on Earth, the scene is touching in its poignance, regardless of whether or not you have seen the movie.

Jonas Cuaron, co-writer of Gravity and Alfonso’s son, really hit it out of the park with Aningaaq, which has now been submitted by Warner Brothers for Best Short Film. Hopefully they both get nominated together!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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