Boba Fett Spin-off Film to Have Big Changes?

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 19, 2014 in Star Wars |


Here’s some small rumors about the upcoming Boba Fett spin-off film. Granted, the movie isn’t even officially confirmed yet, but we’ve been consistently hearing rumors about it for a while now, and it fits in with Disney’s plan to have other Star Wars films fill the gaps between mainline entries. Lawrence Kasdan is reportedly scripting it, and supposedly dislikes the prequels interpretation of Boba Fett, so his story will tell of a total stranger who kills Boba and begins wearing his armor. This fits right in with Fett’s original concept of “a Man With No Name but in space” so I’m actually perfectly fine with this, especially if the switcheroo happens before the original trilogy takes place. LR also says that Joe Johnston is the top pick to direct the film, but in my opinion, the crew behind Dredd should make it! Never take that helmet off!

Seen via LR.


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