Deathlok Will Show Up in Agents of SHIELD

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 25, 2014 in Television |


Marvel just doesn’t want to surprise you anymore. Why tease something out, when they can just announce it in advance to try to drum up hype? Yes, Marvel has announced that Deathlok will be coming to Agents of SHIELD, probably in an attempt to get some new viewers for the show. Actor J. August Richards, who has been playing Mike Peterson, will be transformed into the cybernetic soldier. Jeph Loeb claims that they’ve been leaving breadcrumbs for fans all along the way, but all I heard was the obvious hint when Mike was “killed” and then woken up with a device in his eye. Still, perhaps this is the shot in the arm Agents of SHIELD needs to really get going.

Seen via SlashFilm.

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