LEGO Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 Approved!

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 31, 2014 in Hobbies and Collections |


Yes, LEGO CUUSOO fans, your voting has paid off. LEGO have successfully negotiated the rights to produce a Ghostbusters LEGO set, particularly of the Ecto-1. It will also come with the original crew. Right now we only have the original, fan-submitted design to go off of, but LEGO says the final model will be very similar — and they’ve mostly upheld this promise in the past. Granted, some things just have to change, either due to pricing or certain parts no longer being in production. Still, the set should be a great collectors items, and will hit shelves later this year. Watch the announcement video below, along with teasing for the next round of nominees: Sherlock, Adventure Time, Zelda, Macross, a Japanese architecture model, and a second Back to the Future model (but motorized this time)!

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