New Star Wars Episode VII Rumors Imply Big Changes

Posted by Ben Huber on Jan 13, 2014 in Star Wars |


We haven’t heard much from JJ Abrams recently, and that’s probably because he’s got his nose to the grindstone cranking out a new Star Wars script with Lawrence Kasdan. We’re just now getting the first rumors coming out of the big script changes after kicking Michael Arndt out. Apparently Abrams really wanted the focus of Episode VII to be on Luke, Han, and Leia for one last time before passing the torch to a new generation, which is what prompted these changes. Another big change is that Abrams is reportedly looking for a 20-something mixed-race or black woman to play the daughter of Obi-Wan. Of all the rumors, I actually really like this idea, especially if she’s one of or the main character in the next films. Also up? Michael Fassbender, Hugo Weaving, and Adam Driver. Weaving is reportedly being looked at for an Imperial Officer role, which is so perfect I can’t even handle it.

Seen via The Hollywood Reporter.

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