Marvel Planning Spider-Verse Story For Spider-Man

Posted by Bob Muir on Mar 25, 2014 in Comic Books |

Spider-Verse Banner

After over a year, Marvel is about to wrap up The Superior Spider-Man, the storyline where a reformed Doc Ock’s mind is in Spider-Man’s body. Peter Parker is coming back in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, but what will be waiting for him? Pretty much every Spider-Man ever created, apparently. The next story will be Spider-Verse, and it will be pulling in “every” Spider-Man from across multiple universes. I say “every” because there are a few rights issues preventing characters like Spider-Boy (a DC crossover) and Spectacular Spider-Man (because Sony co-owns the cartoon of the same name). But otherwise, you’ve got them all! And apparently Morlun, one of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes, is back from the dead, which can’t be good for any Spider-Man. If you want more hints as to what may happen, check out the Free Comic Book Day issue, because there will be a five-page back-up story.


Source: Comic Vine


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