Half-Minute Hero Sequel Coming To Steam

Posted by Bob Muir on Apr 2, 2014 in Videogames |

Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming

Half-Minute Hero was a fun PSP game (that later came to PC) giving the player “30 seconds” to save the world, though in-game mechanics allowed you to continually roll back time. Later unlockable modes let you play as an Evil Lord, Princess, or Knight with new gameplay styles. Like many unique ideas, it didn’t sell that well, seemingly dooming the sequel to remain in Japan. But luckily, Marvelous AQL has announced that they’re bringing Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming to Steam on April 4. Here’s where the info gets murky. Because yesterday was April Fool’s Day, the info provided about the game seems fishy. Marvelous claims the game will support the Oculus Rift (which seems unlikely) and that the game will cost $999.99 on Steam — though owners of the first game will get 25% off. If the game is coming out on Friday, I’d expect the price to be much, much lower. Either way, check it out!

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