You May Be Able To Transfer Your Destiny Characters To New Consoles

Posted by Bob Muir on Apr 29, 2014 in Videogames |


I can’t blame you if you haven’t purchased a current-gen console yet. Yes, the PS4 and Xbox One are no longer considered “next-gen,” but that doesn’t mean everyone has made the switch from their PS3 and Xbox 360 yet. That’s why it’s good to hear about plans like this one. Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi MMO-FPS Destiny will be released on all four of the previously mentioned systems, which means many players may pick it up on last-gen consoles. But if you upgrade your system, you won’t lose all your progress.

Bungie is hoping to implement a save-transfer system, so that if you start playing Destiny on PS3, you’ll be able to move your character to PS4; the same feature would be offered for moving saves from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. It’s likely that this won’t help you if you’re switching brands in the process, like moving from 360 to PS4. But that’s due to Microsoft and Sony’s bullheadedness, so this is overall great news for players. Here’s hoping it makes it into the final version of the game — along with split-screen multiplayer. I want to play co-op on my couch, Bungie, just like the good ol’ Halo days!

Source: Gamespot

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