Star Wars Episode VII Bits: Is Harrison Ford the Co-Lead?

Posted by Ben Huber on May 10, 2014 in Star Wars |


Rumors keep swirling about Star Wars Episode VII, and it looks like nothing is going to stop them. One of the more reliable tales to come out of the production (from Entertainment Weekly) is that Harrison Ford will be a “co-lead” in the film, probably leading the trio of main characters on their adventures. Obviously, Luke, Leia, and Han will all have significant roles, but it seems that Han’s is a bit bigger. EW also confirmed that there are several important roles yet to cast, including a lead female role. That’s good to hear, especially as some of the criticism of the cast was that there was only one new woman in the cast. Also, I’ve included below Conan’s recent bit on the possible titles for Episode VII. Check it out!

Seen via SlashFilm.


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