Mortal Kombat X Coming In 2015

Posted by Bob Muir on Jun 3, 2014 in Videogames |

Mortal Kombat X

After many years of mediocre fighters, Midway finally made a comeback with 2011’s Mortal Kombat, sometimes called Mortal Kombat 9, and kept that success going into the DC fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us. So it’s not surprising, but still a nice surprise, to see a trailer for Mortal Kombat X, the newly-announced next game in the series. It doesn’t show any actual gameplay, consisting of a prerendered fight scene of Scorpion fighting Sub-Zero. But with some traditional 2D camera angles, you get a sense for what they want the final product to look like. Maybe we’ll see something at E3 next week?

Source: YouTube


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