Resogun Gets Big Update With Local Co-op And Ship Editor

Posted by Bob Muir on Jun 24, 2014 in Videogames |

Resogun update

While I’m happy with my PS4, I don’t think anyone would say it’s worth buying for its amount of unique exclusives right now. There’s plenty coming up, and I’ve been preferring to buy my third-party games on the system due to the controller and slight graphical boost. But for now, one of the best exclusives is the downloadable indie game Resogun. The Defender-like game just got a big update, adding the ability to play the game in local co-op with your friends. You can now also edit your ship to look however you want (provided it can be put together with voxels). The developers even added the ability to share and download ships online.

Finally, many minor exploits are being fixed, including those that allowed players to rack up ridiculous scores. The developers have to reset the leaderboards to be fair to all players, but they’re preserving the highest scores on a Hall of Fame Leaderboard, which is a nice gesture for those competing over the oversized scores. Whatever, it’s more of a chance for an average player like me to score in a higher percentile!

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