SHOCKING NEWS: Transformers 5 Announced

Posted by Ben Huber on Jun 21, 2014 in Cinema |


In a press conference, Paramount Pictures announced something no one would ever guess: Transformers 5 will be coming. In 2016, no less. Yes, the money train will continue to barrel onward, leaving a trail of mutilated robots in the dust behind it. Obviously, no word on who will be directing it, acting in it, or write it yet. No release date either, just a beautifully nebulous “2016.” I want to say “when will it end?” but the overseas market is booming, so I don’t think we’ll see this Transformers series slow down anytime soon. I’d rather see a new iteration, closer to the roots of the series in design language, but for now, we’re stuck with Bay’s vision. 

Seen via SlashFilm.

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