Someone Is Actually Making A Hoverboard

Posted by Bob Muir on Oct 22, 2014 in Cinema, Tech |


October 2015 is only a year away, which means one thing: Marty McFly is going to arrive from the past, as depicted in the popular documentary Back to the Future Part II. It seemed as though our history would diverge, since we still don’t have the hoverboards depicted in the movie, but there’s some last-minute hope. The company Arx Pax is seeking Kickstarter funding for the Hendo, their version of a hoverboard, which actually hovers! The catch: it uses magnetic levitation, similar to a bullet train, so it will only work with certain metal floors, like copper or aluminum. It doesn’t propel itself, so you’ll be using your foot like a regular skateboard.

But still, there will soon be a battery-powered device that lets you hover 3cm off the ground for 15 minutes! I’m fine with these small steps, because it’s not like fully-functional hoverboards (or what we expect them to be) are going to be invented and sold anytime soon. The Kickstarter needs $250,000 to be funded, which seems almost assured at the rate people are pledging money. But don’t expect to get your own Hendo for cheap: you’ll need to pledge $10,000 to hit the backing level that actually gives you a hoverboard.

Source: The Guardian


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