Justin Lin Directing Star Trek 3, Orci No Longer Writing

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 28, 2014 in Star Trek |


You may have heard that Roberto Orci is no longer directing Star Trek 3. That’s good news (for me, because I dislike his works)! But he was still a producer and writer on the project until now: he’s now just a producer. Instead, Justin Lin of Fast and Furious will be directing the film instead. Curious indeed! Rumors are that Paramount didn’t like Orci’s approach (deep space adventures) and instead want the series to angle more towards a Guardians of the Galaxy-style story… which sounds like a recipe for disaster. No, Paramount, you don’t need cute talking animals in Star Trek. I can’t believe I’m defending Orci’s ideas, but here we are! Deep space is definitely the way to go here.

Seen via SlashFilm.

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