NASA Successfully Tests Physics-Defying Engine

Posted by Bob Muir on Dec 30, 2014 in Science |


Having to carry a ton of heavy fuel is one of the big problems with developing faster spacecraft. But what if that number could be made trivial? NASA has tested the “Cannae Drive,” an engine that doesn’t use propellant, based on the EMDrive, a drive which works by bouncing microwaves in an enclosed container to create thrust. The drive has little critical attention, which many pointing out how such an engine would violate the laws of physics, specifically conservation of motion. So far, China has tested their version of the EMDrive, but it was not well-reported due to skeptics. But now the US has succeeded as well.

While China’s EMDrive was able to generate 72 grams of thrust (enough for a satellite thruster), the Cannae Drive is less than one thousandth as powerful. But the point is that they work, which means propellant-less engines can work. I think it’s a bit funny that we’re all okay using technology that we don’t really understand, especially something that might be “demonstrating an interaction with the quantum vacuum virtual plasma.” That aside, if this technology could be scaled up to push a spaceship, I think we just might have impulse power, enough to easily explore our local space in good time and begin colonization.

Also, I love that the Cannae Drive is a reference to Scotty yelling things like “I cannae give her any more, captain!” on Star Trek.

Source: Examiner

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